Workshop: Navigating Difficult Dialogues Online

Dr. Krishauna Hines-Gaither will offer a workshop to the faculty and staff of Central Virginia Community College on how to navigate difficult dialogues and challenging content when teaching online. If you are interested in a similar offering, contact Krishauna here.

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Hines-Gaither Consulting Mug

11oz Mug. Opposite side has printed in orange letters. $25.00 includes tax and shipping.


Cup of Diversity Mug

11oz Mug. Opposite side has printed in black letters. $20.00 includes tax and shipping in USA. Text is enlarged slightly here for readability. Don't agree with every word, no problem. Use this mug to spark meaningful conversations.


Recorded Webinar: Navigating Difficult Dialogues Online

If you work with students in any capacity at any level, this webinar is for you. Gain tools to discuss race, class, gender, sexuality and more? Receive strategies & dynamic activities to engage students in social justice dialogues. Learn today, use tomorrow. Testimonial from webinar participant: "Krishauna, thank you so much for presenting that great webinar ...on having difficult conversations. It was a great presentation, and our members have responded so positively!" Joseph Parodi-Brown, Ed.D.


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