Dr. Krishauna Hines-Gaither

Allow Hines-Gaither Consulting, LLC to coach you all the way to the top. See testimonial video and quote below.

Workshops and Training

Training and Workshops offer the perfect balance between information and practical application. Participants will exit the workshop with a deeper understanding of the topics, while receiving hands-on strategies. With over 15 years of experience planning innovative diversity programs and events, Hines-Gaither Consulting, LLC can assist with programs that celebrate the rich diversity of your institution. Programs may be an intersection of different identities, or focus on one aspect of identity. Some training and workshop titles follow. See full listing of workshops here.

Testimonial: Thank you so much for yours [Krishauna’s] and Meagan’s outstanding presentation on tools and competencies for dealing with racism and sexism… Thanks again for your remarkable work! Wanda Urbanski, Senior Performance Mentor, Bright Dot

Coaching: See fees and services listed below

Hines-Gaither Consulting, LLC offers three levels of individualized coaching: Builder Level, Mid Level and Executive Level. Click here to learn more about our coaching services.

Institutional and Program Evaluation and Assessment

Diversity and Inclusion Assessments and Evaluations offer the client an overall pulse of their institution. Through internal assessments, the client receives a full report detailing the strengths and areas of improvement as they relate to inclusive practice.

Facilitated Dialogues

Hines-Gaither Consulting, LLC is skilled at facilitating challenging conversations in such a way that builds bridges and sustains communication. No topic is too difficult. We offer tried and true strategies for bringing private conversations into the forefront. We also offer support and training for anyone interested in gaining the skills to facilitate difficult dialogues.

Document and Content Review

Wait! Do not publish that statement, brochure or website content on diversity until you allow us to review it. Submit your materials to Hines-Gaither Consulting to ensure that the language and messaging have a smooth landing with your audience. Hines-Gaither Consulting can assist with your speeches, press releases, documents, brochures, website content, reports, and more.

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Coaching Services and Fees Listed Below

Juan Tuset, Coaching Client Testimonial Video and Quote

“I’ve had a number of coaching meetings with various professionals. They were all helpful in one way or another, but my time with Krishauna has been the most helpful by far. Instead of leaving with a few scribbled notes, I have a numbered list of action steps and strategies to put in place. Her warmth and loving disposition outshine even her knowledge and expertise, making this session not just informative but rejuvenating. Book Krishauna TODAY.”

Juan Tuset, Retention Specialist, Graduation Coach, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader


“Ask Me Anything” 1-Hour Live Coaching Session: Schedule Today!

Dr. Krishauna Hines-Gaither has 15 years of proven success in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Let her coach you to the next level. She was also a college professor for 17 years. She will meet you wherever you are on your journey. Bring your questions and concerns. She is here to help!


Live Coaching: Builder Level (two 1-hour sessions)

Designed for anyone interested in making an impact in the realm of diversity, equity and inclusion. Tailored for those who are entering an institution, entering a new career, or who need to promote positive change that has not been realized previously. Coaching can be individualized to meet your unique needs!


Live Coaching: Mid Level (three 1-hour sessions)

Designed for agents of change who have a foundation of building inclusive communities, but who want to see more proven results and positive outcomes. Coaching can be individualized to meet your unique needs.


Live Coaching: Executive Level (five 1-hour sessions)

Designed for seasoned professionals who have reached higher levels of decision-making and access. Executive level clients are ready to go to the next level and build a legacy of solid leadership and results-driven outcomes. Coaching can be individualized to meet your unique needs.


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